Freitag, 9. April 2010

Myth DJ - The Myth Mix 17

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Megamix by: Myth DJ
Year: 2010

[Myth Intro]
[Electro music mixed]

01.Big Ali - Universal Party
02.East Clubbers - Sextasy 2k9
03.Fio Feat. Simmons - Can't Let U Go
04.Crew7 - Shawty Wanna Ride
05.Afrika Bambaataa - Pupunanny
06.Bayswater Underground - Pandoras Box
07.Deichkind & Lil Jon - Remmi Demmi To The Beat
08.Gigi D' Agostino - Bla Bla Bla
09.Mark Oh - Scatman
10.Stefano Pain Feat. Kaysee - The One
11.Norman Bass & Warp Brothers - How You Like Bass
12.Masters Of South Ft. Cliff Randall - Only The Dark
13.Marc Lime & K Bastian - Bizarre
14.Bodybangers - Sunshine Day
15.Syke 'N' Sugarstarr - Ticket 2 Ride
16.Shhh - Dance With Me
17.Mike Nero And Interactive - Living Without Your Love 09
18.Mark Stent - Superstar
19.Hakimakli - Ding Dong
20.N.E.R.D - Lapdance
21.Amanda Blank - Might Like It Better
22.Aquasky Ft. Goldmouf - You A Star
23.Bangbros - Highflyer
24.Marc Korn Vs. Trusted Playaz Feat. Sanja - Call Me
25.Afrika Bambaataa - Just Get Up And Dance

[Myth Intro]
[Hands Up music mixed]

26.Cansis - Tuning Point
27.A2B Feat. Fara - Tell Me Where You Are
28.Comeea - Unfaithful
29.Manian - Ravers In The UK
30.Silvershine - Sommarplaga
31.Dickheadz - Suck My D!ck
32.Skyla - Ayo Technology
33.Private - Secret Lover
34.Special D - Home Alone
35.Dave Santo - Highway To Disco
36.Blue Nature Vs. Dk - Play With Me
37.Del Monte Vs. Topless - Not Fair
38.Lazy Monkeys Vs. Maddin - Wherever You Go
39.Javi Mula - Come On
40.Sioux Deejays - Sioux Deejays Ravers Paradise
41.Dan Winter - Party Over Here
42.Empyre One - Moonlight Shadow
43.Rocking Son - All What You Want
44.Rhythminsider - Hypnotize
45.Cooler & Alex Long - Good Time
46.Manian & Winter - Black Toys Vol 7
47.The Real Booty Babes - 3
48.Ricky Rich Feat. Disco Pogo - Disco Pogo
49.Popper & DJ Styla - I Don't Want To miss A Thing

[Myth Intro]
[Hardstyle music mixed]

50.Hardstyle Syndicate And Marcus Jones - Boogyman
51.Gostosa - Never Say Never
52.B-Ware And Frequencerz - Convictive
53.Hardstyle Syndicate And Marcus Jones - State United
54.Geck-O And Stana - Mess With Me
55.Zany Meets The Beholder - The New God
56.DJ Isaac - Backstage
57.Technoboy - Ti Sento
58.Brennan Heart - City Of Intensity
59.DJ Extreme - Blazin
60.Sam Punk - The Return
61.Crasherz - Unchain My Heart
62.Technoboy - 4 Double Dutch Days
63.Rephex & Abw Feat. Da Tweekaz - Nucklear Edgez
64.Wavolizer - My Saifram Tribute
65.Showtek Ft. MC Dv8 - Electronic Stereo-Phonic
66.Showtek - Laa-Di-Fucking-Daa
67.Brian NRG - Hardbass Attack
68.Builder - Her Voice
69.AlphaFree005-01 Gentalica - Music
70.Kyle Hardt - Bad Romance - Fast Cut
71.Robin Clark - Wiseman - Fast Cut
72.Pavo - Classic
73.Dutch Master - Fly Like A Rocket
74.Showtek - The F-Track
75.Showtek - We Live For The Music
76.Showtek - Rockchild
77.Showtek - Own The Night
78.Showtek - World Is Mine
79.Grandmaster Q - Stronger Together
80.Beat Providers - Abandoned

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