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Samus Jay - The Ultimate 90's Megamix

Megamix by: Samus Jay
Year: 1990's

Professional Bootleg Megamix! Over 3 Million Times Downloaded Worldwide!

Date released: June 2005

Genre: Eurodance, Club

Review: Samus Jay surely proved he is Melbourne's favourite megamixer, with the most unique 90's megamix ever to be released. Over one year in the making, The Ultimate 90's Mix lives up to its name. Containg over 150 songs in a 40 minute journey though the ealry 90's, it is no wonder why people were lining up at the DJ Booth to earn this mix. This mix will definalty get you on your dancing feet, as there is non-stop, powerful energy.

Motiv8 – Rocking For Myself
Snap- The Power
Armand Van Helden- Funk Phenomenon
Reel 2 Reel- I Like To Move It
Nightcrawlers- Push It
The Outhere Bros- Boom Boom Boom
Hocus Pocus- Heres Johnny
Sequential One-Inspiration Vibe
Young MC- Bust A Move
The House Crew- Dance To The House
Wildchild-Renegade Master
Soul II Soul - Back To Life
Snap- The Power
666- Amook
2 Unlimited- No Limit
Klubbheads- Discohopping
Whigfield- Saturday Night
Jens- Loops & Things
C&C Music Factory- Do you Wanna Get Funky
Strike- You Sure Do
Speedy- Pull Over
Captain Hollywood- Love & Pain
Basic Element- The Fiddle
DJ BOBO- Somebody Dance With Me
Jude Cheeks- The Reach
Dr Alban-Let The Beat Go On
Gina G- Ohh Ahh Just a Little Bit
MC Sars & The Real Mc Coy- Its On You
Liberty X- Just A Little Bit
Young MC- Bust A Move
The Bucket Heads- The Bomb
Technotronic -Pump Up The Jam
Technotronic – Get Up
Tag Team- Whoomp There It Is
ATB- 9pm Till I Come
Lee Marrow- To Go Crazy
A-Teens Upside Down
Sequential One- I Wanna Make You
Maxx Get Away- Get Away
Bizarre- Playing With Knives
Wrecks n Effect- Rumpshaker
Jason Nevins- Move Ya Body
KLF- 3 Am
Antares- Take A Ride On A Meteorite
Nomands Land - 7 Seconds
Ezee Posse- Everything Starts With An E
Magic Affair- The Night Of The Raven
JX- You Belong To Me
Beat International- Just Be Good To me
Kadoc- The Night Train
Run DMC Bs Jason Nevins – Its Tricky
Quad City Djs- C’mon Ride a Train
Black Rose- Melody
Blue Pearl - Can You Feel The Passion
Aman- The Passion
Le Click- Tonight Is The Night
Africa Bambatta- Get Up & Dance
SQ1- Can You Feel
Dreamworld – Unreal
Ice MC – The Weekend
Miss Peppermint- Welcome to Tomorrow
Housescream- Danger
2 Bad Mice- Bombscare
Sash- Ecuador
Point Guards- Here Comes The 1
Alice Deejay – Beter Off Alone
Dimple D- Sucker DJ
Ann Lee- Ring My Bells
Ann Lee- Two Times
DJ Mike G- Take It Back
Run DMC – Its Like That
Shaven Kineto- Old Skool Baby
Corona- I Don’t Wanna Be A Star
ICE MC- Think About The Way
JK- My Radio
Jazzi P - Feel The Rhythm
Nevada- Don’t You Bring Me Down
Klubbheads- Kicking Hard
Clock – Everybody
Kathy Brown- Turn Me Out
SM Taxx- SM Traxx Is Calling
SM Traxx- Got The Groove
Camisra- Let Me Show You
Paul Van Dyk- Pump This Party
2 Brothers In A Room- Wiggle It
Dr Alban- Its My Life
Dr Alban- One Love
Haddaway- What Is Love
2 Static – Feel The Groove
Black & White Brothers-Put Your Hands Up In The Air
Mario Pui- Communication
Robin S – Show Me Love
Amadin- Take Me Up
2 Brothers On The 4th Floor- I Cant Help My Self
2 Unlimited- Get Ready For This
La Bouche You Wont Forget Me
Networkz- Memories Of Love
Prodigy- Your Not Good To Me
Nightcrawlers- Push The Feeling On
Dj Disco - Stomp Your Feet
Three Drives On a Vinyl- Greece 2000
Vanilla Ice- Play That Funky Music
Da Funk- Da Funk
Porn Kings – Up 2 No Good
Dj Celra Licky Licky
Culture Beat- Mr Vain
Twin hype - For those who like to groove
Loft- Love Is Magic
Jens – Loops & Things
Reel 2 Reel – Everybody Pom Pom
Public Enemy- Don’t Believe The Hype
Happy Clappers- I Believe
TFK- Feels So Good
Motiv8- Rocking For Myself
BG Prince Of Rap- Stomp
DJ Quicksilver- Bingo Bongo
Interactive- Dildo
Ondina- Into The Night
Me & My- Dub I Dub
Rednecks- Cotton Eye Joe
Corona- Rhythm Of The Night
Sequential One- My Love Is Hot
A.T.G.O.C- Repeated Love
La Style – Got To Move
Mo Do - Eins, zwei Polizei
Blackbox- Rocking To The Music
Dream Project - Take A Chance Now
BG Prince Of Rap- Rock A Bit
Da Hool- Meet Her At The Love Parade
Dj Surpreme Vs The Porn Kings – The Wild Style
Antico- Freedom
Mr President - Follow The Sun
666- Bomba
Afrika Bambatta – Punany
Roxxy – I’ll Never Stop
ATB- Don’t Stop
The Socaboys - Bumpin
Tokyo Ghetto Pussie – Everybody On The Floor
Smash n Grab- On The Dance Floor
Alphabase – Heaven To My Heart
Novy Vs Eniac – Pumping
White Label - Rock The Jam
Armand Van Helden – The Witch Doctor
Leila K- Open Sesame
Hope - Tree Frog
Whigfield – I Want To Love
JS16- Stomping To My Beat
Milk Inc – La Vache
666- Paradox
Texture- Over The Night
Groove B – Take it
Masterboy - I Got To Give It Up
R.T.Z- Dance Your Ass Off
Bacon Popper-Pump It Up Loud
MC Sar & The Real Mc Coy- Make A Move
20 Fingers Short Dick Man
2 Eivissa- Move Your Body
Vengaboys- We Like To Party

Anvil Award

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Оооооо....это я люблю.
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