Dienstag, 16. Juni 2009

Mixcapade 3 - Patrick Heymans

Patrick Heymans

2. MIDNIGHT STAR don't rock the boat 1988
3. STEPHANIE MILLS whatcha gonna do with my lovin' 1979
4. ART OF NOISE legacy 1986
5. DONNA SUMMER love to love you baby 1975
6. JOHNNY GUITAR WATSON a real mother for ya 1977
7. VANESSA WILLIAMS he's got the look 1988
8. MANTRONIX ladies 1986
9. SISTER SLEDGE thinking of you 1979
10. JENNY BURTON bad habits 1985
11. PATRICE RUSHEN feels so real 1984
12. KURTIS BLOW i'm chillin' 1986
13. WHISTLE just buggin' 1985
14. PAUL HARDCASTLE don't waste my time 1986
15. JESSE JOHNSON every shade of love 1988
16. CHANGE change of heart 1984
17. BUSTA RHYMES woo hah! 1996
18. PRINCE hot thing 1987
19. TINA TURNER typical male 1986
20. FIVE STAR can't wait another minute 1986
21. MAI TAI what goes on 1984
22. CAMEO back & forth 1986
23. EVELYN CHAMPAGNE KING your personal touch 1985
24. ROB BASE it takes two 1988
25. PEBBLES love/hate 1987
26. MILLIE SCOTT prisoner of love 1987
27. ROCHELLE magic man 1985
28. MC FADDEN & WHITEHEAD ain't no stoppin' us now 1979
29. VESTA WILLIAMS once bitten twice shy 1986
30. STEPHANIE MILLS medicine song 1984
31. SHALAMAR i can make you feel good 1982
32. POINTER SISTERS automatic 1984
33. ADVANCE take me to the top 1983
34. KOOL AND THE GANG ladies night 1979
35. TIME BANDITS live it up 1981
36. E.G. DAILY say it 1986
37. PRINCE house quake 1987
38. LOOSE ENDS magic touch 1985
39. DAN HARTMAN we are the young 1984
40. THE CHIMES heaven 1989
41. UNIQUE what i got is what you need 1983
42. APOLLONIA 6 sex shooter 1984
43. PRIVATE POSSESSION this time 1986
44. FLASH AND THE PAN midnight man 1984
45. LIFE you're all played out 1986
46. HARVEY MASON groovin' you 1979
47. WIRED to the beat of the drum 1986
48. DONNA SUMMER bad girls 1979
49. TOM TOM CLUB wordy rappinghood 1982
50. CECE PENISTON finally 1991
51. BOBBY THURSTON you got what it takes 1980
52. RAWW don't you try it 1986
53. LA DREAM TEAM the dream team is in the house 1986
54. THE O'JAYS put our heads together 1983
55. SYLVESTER i need you 1980

MIXCAPADE #3: More Classics

This mix took a whole lot longer than expected and at first I decided to make more time available compared to my previous mixes.

However, due to a number of reasons most of that time was spent on other activities, resulting in twice the production time to

deliver this mix.

The main goal of this mix was to use less tracks, because then you could enjoy them longer. On the other hand I wanted to keep the

amount of cross fades high so you could also enjoy my mixing skills as much as possible. The resulting mix therefore has tracks

varying between 30 and 120 secs, and occasionally it has very short (10-20 secs) tracks in between to glue things together. Again

you'll find a lot of tracks from my most favorite decade of dance music: the 80-ies, completed with some tracks from the 70-ies and


Some of my most favorite combinations in this mix:

* Stephanie Mills vs Art of Noise
* Busta Rhymes vs Prince
* Tina Turner vs Five Star
* Dan Hartman vs The Chimes

Plans for Mixcapade #4 are already in the works and there I will try to raise the bar in order to further improve the audio output.

After hearing good feedback from co-mixers about Ableton I am thinking about switching.
Used Hardware
1x Pentium D CPU 2.80GHz PC with 1GB RAM, 23/30/210GB harddisks
1x Creamware Pulsar II Plus soundcard
2x Pioneer CDJ-1000 CD players
1x Dateq Apollo mixer
1x Alesis RA-150 amplifier
2x Alesis Monitor One MK2 reference monitors
Used Software
Software Purpose
Adobe Audition 2.0 multi-track editing
Prosoniq TimeFactory 1.61 time stretching
Mixed In Key 3.0 & 4.0 key and bpm detection
Exact Audio Copy (EAC) CD ripping and burning
The Final Result

The entire mix took me about 3,5 years, spending about 1 hour per 2 weeks on it, in total 250 hours. Furthermore, eventhough

timestretching may have helped me a lot, I also had to make more than 2500 edits manually to sync each beat. Again making an intro

and outtro appears to be a skill of its own as it's very hard to come with something that is unique.
Again it was all worth the trouble and I think the result is pretty good for somebody like me who is not a pro.



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