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Mixcapade 2 - Patrick Heymans

Patrick Heymans

2. MARVIN GAYE sexual healing 1982
3. LEVERT casanova 1987
4. SLY FOX let's go all the way 1985
5. TONEY TERRY lovey dovey 1987
6. ELLIS, BEGGS & HOWARD big bubbles no troubles 1988
7. PRINCE sign "o" the times 1987
8. YARBROUGH & PEOPLES don't stop the music 1980
9. IMAGINATION music and lights 1982
10. WALLY BADAROU chief inspector 1985
11. SOS BAND no one's gonna love you 1984
12. SOUL II SOUL back to life 1989
13. FULL FORCE alice, i want you just for me 1989
14. LOOSE ENDS hangin' on a string 1985
15. JANET JACKSON nasty 1986
16. PRINCESS say i'm your no. 1 1985
17. MIDNIGHT STAR headlines 1986
18. NU SHOOZ i can't wait 1986
19. SOS BAND borrowed love 1986
20. HOT CHOCOLATE you sexy thing (remix) 1987
21. ALYSON WILLIAMS sleeptalk 1989
22. ODYSSEY going back to by roots 1981
23. JOYCE SIMMS lifetime love 1987
24. BILLY OCEAN loverboy (samples) 1985
25. GWEN GUTHRIE ain't nothin' goin' on but the rent 1986
26. GRACE JONES pull up to the bumper 1981
27. BB & Q BAND dreamer 1986
28. AURRA you and me tonight 1986
29. MAC BAND roses are red 1988
30. KURTIS BLOW party time 1986
31. ORAN JUICE JONES the rain 1987
32. FULL CIRCLE workin' up a sweat 1986
33. JOHN ADAMS strip this heart 1987
34. RENE & ANGELA i'll be good 1985
35. SOS BAND the finest 1986
36. DONNA ALLEN serious 1987
37. BB & Q BAND main attraction 1985
38. INDEEP last night a dj saved my life 1982
39. MORRIS DAY fishnet 1987
40. BOBBY BROWN my prerogative 1989
41. RENE & ANGELA save your love 1985
42. NU SHOOZ point of no return 1986
43. TOTAL CONTRAST takes a little time 1985
44. VANESSA WILLIAMS the right stuff 1988
45. KURTIS BLOW the breaks 1980
46. TEMPTATIONS treat her like a lady 1985
47. GEORGE DUKE thief in the night 1985
48. SLAVE feat. STEVE ARRINGTON feel so real 1985
49. BAR-KAYS sex-o-matic 1984
50. ONE WAY let's talk 1985
51. AFRIKA BAMBATTAA & UB40 reckless 1988
52. JODY WATLEY don't you want me 1987
53. CHIC you are beautiful 1984
54. JESSE JOHNSON lovestruck 1988
55. CAMEO word up 1986
57. MICHAEL JONZUN burnin' up 1986
58. SHANNON let the music play 1983
59. GRANDMASTER FLASH & MELLE MEL white lines 1983
60. FIVE STAR all fall down 1985
61. 9.9 all of me for all of you 1985
62. CHERELLE feat. ALEXANDER O'NEAL saturday love 1985
63. ROSE ROYCE rr express 1981
64. STEVE ARRINGTON dancin' in the key of life 1985
65. OLLIE & JERRY there's no stoppin' us 1984
66. MARY JANE GIRLS in my house 1985
67. NARADA divine emotions 1988
68. PEBBLES mercedes boy 1988
69. MADONNA holiday 1983
70. JOHNNY KEMP just got paid 1987
71. COLONEL ABRAMS i'm not gonna let 1985
72. IVAN baila 1985
73. JANET JACKSON the pleasure principle 1986
74. GEORGIO lovers lane 1987
75. THIRD WORLD now that we've found love 1981
76. ADEVA respect 1989
77. PEBBLES girlfriend 1987
78. MIDNIGHT STAR midas touch 1986
80. THE TIME jungle love 1984
81. BB & Q BAND on the beat 1981
82. WEEKS & CO rock your world 1981
83. TRAMAINE fall down 1985
84. EDWIN STARR whatever makes our love grow 1987
85. STONE time 1984
86. COLONEL ABRAMS speculation 1986
87. DIVINE SOUNDS what people do for money 1984
88. CAPTAIN ROCK the return of captain rock 1983
89. DEPECHE MODE people are people 1984
90. MICHAEL JACKSON wanna be starting something 1982
91. MEL & KIM showing out 1987
92. SISTER SLEDGE all american girls 1981
93. ROCKWELL somebody's watching me 1983
94. JERMAINE STEWART we don't have to take our clothes off 1986
95. CHAKA KHAN i feel for you 1984
96. THE LIMIT say yeah 1984
97. JOE SMOOTH promised land 1989
98. SHEILA E. the glamorous life 1984
99. READY FOR THE WORLD oh sheila 1985



After creating Mixcapade #1 my next challenge was to create a mix with more than 100 tracks in 1 hour. The idea for this new mix was born while I was about half way with Mixcapade #1. This time it should only contain tracks from my most favorite decade of dance music: the 80-ies.
Used Hardware
1x PIII class 450MHz PC with 128MB RAM, a 12GB and 30GB harddisks
1x Creamware Pulsar II Plus soundcard
2x Pioneer CDJ-1000 CD players
1x Dateq Apollo mixer
1x Alesis RA-150 amplifier
2x Alesis Monitor One MK2 reference monitors
Used Software
Software Purpose
CoolEdit Pro 1.2a, 2.0 and 2.1 multi-track editing
Prosoniq TimeFactory 1.61 time stretching
Feurio CD ripping and burning
AutoBPM BPM calculation
LAME MP3 decoding and encoding

Learned from my previous experiences (and mistakes), this time my initial tracklist contained about 125 tracks, knowing that about 20% of these tracks would not fit. All these tracks were produced in the period from 1980 to 1989, ranging from 87 BPM up to 130 BPM. For most of these tracks I tried to obtain a good quality version from CD and spent a lot of money in buying CDs. Unfortunately, some tracks were impossible to find (well at least for me), and for some that I could find, the quality of the CDs was so poor due to bad processing, that I used high quality MP3 versions instead.

After converting all tracks to 16-bit .WAV format, the Beats per Minute (BPM) were determined using AutoBPM. This nice tool automatically calculates the BPM while playing a track and is accurate up to 1 decimal. The complete tracklist with measured BPMs were collected in an Excel spreadsheet and sorted by BPM. Note that professional mixers also sort by key. At this moment I am learning this technique as it should save me a lot of time, but for this mix I highly relied on my pair of ears.

Another new learned lesson, was the initial setting of the output level. For example, do NOT set the output level as close as possible to 0 dB when you start with the first few tracks in a digital mix, as it may give problems later in the mix with loud passages. My mix starts with an output level of -3 dB and prevents me from normalizing in a later stage.

Also note that the only applied processing was the EQ of CEP on a very few tracks to adjust the high or ultra low frequencies. No other kind of processing (e.g. compressing, limiting, etc.) was used based on advise from Ben Liebrand.
The Final Result

The entire mix took me about 2 years, spending about 2-4 hours a week on it, in total 250 hours. Furthermore, eventhough timestretching may have helped me a lot, I also had to make more than 3000 edits manually to sync each beat. Making an intro and outtro appears to be a skill of its own as it's very hard to come with something that is unique.
But, in the end, it was all worth the troubles, especially when Ben Liebrand decided to give it airplay on radio Veronica on February 20th 2004!



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