Donnerstag, 10. September 2009

Myth Dj & Dj Deep - The Myth Mix -5

Megamix by: Myth DJ
Year: 2008


[Dj Myth - Intro]

01.Timbaland Feat. One Republic - Apologize (Dj Maraach Dream Remix)
02.Bootystylerz - Feel Inside (Bass Rockers Remix)
03.Frederik - La Folia (C7 Remix Extended)
04.Euroboi - Never Alone (Radio Edit)
05.Sonera - Taking Me High (Floorbusters Vs. Dj Project T Remix)
06.Basslovers United - Get Back (Bate` N ´bassken Remix)
07.Jan Carey Vs. Michelle Shellers - Keep On Rising (Rocco Vs. Bass-T Bootleg Remix)
08.Heartclub - There Must Be Angel (The Dance Remix)
09.DHT - Listen To Your Heart (Att White Hands Up Rmx)
10.Cascada - One More Night (Lockhard Vs. Incoming! Club Mix)
11.Shakira Meets Imprezive - Whenever Wherever (Imprezive 2008 Remix)
12.Alex M Vs. Marc Van Damme - Died In Your Arms (Original Club Mix)
13.Dj Phil - Ich Vermisse Dich (Club Mix)
14.Naksi Vs. Brunner Vs. Myrtill - Az En Eletem (Retro Hands Up Mix)
15.SuperStar Kz - Freestylo (Niklas J Remix)
16.Dj Roxx - Jumping And Pumping (Tube Tonic And Dj Shandar Remix)
17.Styleshaker - Remember The Time (One Tree Hill Remix)
18.The Real Booty Babes - Derb 08
19.Fabrizio E Marco - Fly Away (Extended Mix)
20.Fantasy Project - Stay (Dj Deamon Club Mix)
21.Andrew Spencer Meets Blue Nature - I Need A Hero (Andrew Spencer Mix)
22.Andrew Spencer - To Be With You (Ray Knox Remix)
23.Red Sakura - Take Me Home Tonight (Rocco Vs. Bass-T Remix)
24.Code Red - 18 (Extended Mix)
25.Butterfly - Still The One (Kindervater Radio Edit)
26.Baracuda - I Will Love Again (Extended Version)
27.Reanimator Vs. Big Daddy - Ice Ice Baby 08 (Rocco Vs. Bass-T Edit)
28.Punk Freakz - The Rebel (Upfront Radio Cut)
29.Manian - Winter - Black Toys Vol.3
30.Dj Ostkurve Vs. Sin With Sebastian - Shut Up (Dj Juve Handsup Mix)
31.6T2 - The Shalala Song (Mir Remix Edit)
32.Freddy Fader And Rico Nl- The Riddle (Ray Knox Remix)
33.Mabra - The Riddle (Mabra Extended Mix)
34.Dcx - Flying High (Bootystylerz Remix)
35.Disconight - Like This (Club Mix)
36.Dj Seaby - After The Rain (Extended Remix)

[Dj Deep – Intro]

37.Oscar Salguero Feat. James Bradshaw - This Is My Way
38.J. Louis & Farran - Shine O Me
39.Julian Jeweil - Air Conditionné
40.SeSa feat. Sharon Phiilips – Like This Like That
41.Soundbluntz feat. Cheyene Coates – (Maybe You Will Get) Lucky
42.Millenium – You Are The One
43.Infernal – I Wont Be Crying
44.KLM Music Feat. Coco – I Need A Miracle
45.Oscar Salguero Feat. Chris Kalera – Being Upset
46.Lisa Marie Experience – Keep On Jumping 2007
47.Victor Ark – Coming Back
48.Victor Ark – Messenger
49.Kim Leoni – Again
50.Velvet – Fix Me
51.Liz Kay – When The Love Becomes A Lie
52.Apollo – Dance 2008
53.Liz Kay – Castles In The Sky

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